Stability cushion
SKU: 03-8229
Manufacturer: MDH
Recomendation: improves posture; • promotes balance and coordination; • activates and strengthens spine muscles; • sedentary work.
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It is an adjustable stability (inflatable), round balance and coordination stability cushion, the hardness of which is adjusted individually, according to the needs of each person. This stability cushion is a great way to improve health, if you are sedentary, sit and work for long periods. While sitting on an unstable cushion you make micro movements that prevent the back muscles from lying dormant and make then work. Also, the stability cushion helps to improve posture, targets the abdominal core muscles, and is an excellent tool for stimulating the vestibular system and strengthening the deep muscles of the back and legs. One side features an anti-slip surface and the other side is designed to stimulate sensory receptors with the many tiny raised spiky bumps, therefore, it can be used as an auxiliary aid for the foot massage. This cushion is also great for children to strengthen core stability and improve balance.

Diameter: 33 cm. The kit includes the inflation pump.


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