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Approximately 50-70% of people legs are different lengths. In just a few millimeters or greater than 1 cm leg length difference may cause back pain, limit the ankle, knee and hip movements. As a result, in the long run may be curved back, lead to ligament and muscle weakness, and with that - increasing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. If you notice even the slightest movement of the discomfort clearly visible difference in leg lengths are welcome to come to Pes Planus "orthopedic center where professional orthopaedists perform leg length measurement. This problem will not interfere with daily enjoy good health, to check and if you use special orthopedic instruments.

Leg length difference is twofold nature: it can be hereditary arbadėl some reason acquired. The latter leg length difference is due to the surgical treatment failure or complications, hip prosthesis, fracture of the femur or tibia. In both the case of another person moving it somewhere subconsciously prefer one foot, for example, more land based only on the right foot and the left - it just reminded. This leads to different muscle and ligament structures formation. A common consequence - namely the leg length difference.

The difference in leg lengths occurs:

pain in the dorsal area;
spinal deformity;
various perversions bowl;
degenerative arthritis;
aseptic necrosis of the hip joints;
stress fractures;
the risk of acquiring injury;
ankle, knee and hip movement restrictions;
gait, standing (static) or ergonomic difficulties;
muscle imbalances.
Leg length difference is not equally felt by children, athletes and non-athletes adults. In practice, it observed that the children of these signs do not occur regularly, but adults with one leg longer than the other due to trauma or surgery feel many organic changes, instability, pain in the joints. Unlike athletes, athletes foot lengths symptoms are more frequent and stronger, even if the athlete's leg length difference is smaller.

Differences and adaptation to the problem: to live with different lengths of legs is much easier if it is from birth or early childhood. Later in life to gain legs differences usually leads to many complications.

Leg length difference for children

Although symptomatic children leg length difference is not felt, it could seriously disrupt the developing small body. Due to the child's pelvis narrow femoral heads are close to each other. In congenital or acquired early in the leg length difference, the expansion of the head gradually turn, thus increasing the angle of deviation of the spine.

Leg length difference between the influence of athletes

In reaching a significant impact on the balance, posture, gait and running techniques, leg length difference is particularly relevant for athletes. At this time, the third most common cause of injuries for runners - leg length asymmetry - ripped even 60-90% of people. Not only your feet but also other parts of the body or organs damaging to the problem must be given due attention, otherwise the consequences will be dire enjoys:

You can easily pull back muscles;
due to higher consumption of oxygen increases the rate of heart problems and muscle electrical activity going or time;
It increases the longer leg quadriceps muscle activity, and with the risk of strain and muscle;
potential stress fractures;
It begins not only anatomical but physiological changes in the body;
a shift of the center of gravity in the shorter side of the legs, the muscles are constantly tense, the body requiring larger amounts of energy, resulting in articular, muscular structures exhaustion.
All this is possible avoided if the leg length asymmetry is diagnosed as early as possible. It is important to determine whether the leg length difference decisive limb bone shattering or other reasons. It is found and assigned to appropriate treatment measures.

Leg length measurement and treatment

To investigate the leg asymmetry first performed and gait stance test. Directly related disorders to determine accurately the degree of the problem and the proper selection of therapy.

Long leg to compensate for the shorter:

Man sueikvoja more energy;
phase step decreases the time period;
step length is increased.
Measuring the length of the legs monitored pelvic tilt downstream increased knee laying-off phase jumps walking time, walking on toes and the different combinations. Following this study, a special device with a deflection angle measured in the hips and legs asymmetry.

One of the most popular measures to reduce the leg length difference caused discomfort is compensating pad under the heel or insole. Measures imposed assessment of leg length difference, accompanied by the anatomical or physiological abnormalities. Artificial elevation facilitates symmetrical and higher amplitude movements of the ankle joint when bent leg, and better equilibrium.

Notice his or close off asymmetry urge measure limb length. Modern completely painless test helps to accurately measure the legs diagnoses back, joint, muscle strain and causes of pain prevents injuries. According to the results of our center specialists designate individual patient orthopedic instruments suitable to different leg lengths neapkartintų everyday.

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