Walking and running insoles
SKU: 987624-000
Manufacturer: Schein
Recomendation: • for running • sport walking • race walking • nordic walking • for trips
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NovaPED sports insoles features in shock absorption properties. The insole reduces loads of the foot and prevents lower limb muscle exhaustion and in that way prevents musculoskeletal injuries. NovaPED sports insoles are made using innovative laminating technology, so the design of the insoles contains elements that do not hinder the transfer of runner forces to the ground during the running, which is necessary to achieve the best sporting result.

Using sports running insoles:
• properly spreaded foot pressure during exercise;
• foot stability is maintained;
• avoids pronation of the foot;
• reduced foot pain and fatigue;
• absorbed shocks;
• avoided callosity;
• improved athletic performance;

Structural features of NovaPED insoles:
• supports the correct longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot;
• additional padding distributes pressure to the heel and the head of the metatarsals;
• insole covered with high quality microfiber;

Insole sizes 35-49

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