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One of the most common complications of diabetes mellitus is a diabetic foot, which occurs when nerves and blood vessels are damaged. The developed angiopathy (disease of the blood vessels) and neuropathy (damage to or disease affecting nerves) have a negative effect on the circulation of blood, thus reducing the sensibility of lower extremities. These disorders directly affect the opening of small and hard-to-heal wounds. If the wounds are not healed or it is done wrongly, this can result in severe consequences, such as gangrene or even foot amputation. Therefore, patients suffering from diabetes mellitus should take particular care of their feet: wear wide and comfortable shoes as well as special socks.

Many distinguished foreign manufacturers design high-grade socks for diabetics. The production of these socks features maximum amount of natural fibers.

Seamless connection in the front part of the sock provides extra protection for toes against the risk of chafing.
Special knitting pattern enables designing an elastic comfort sock. Particularly elastic hollow cuff distributes the compression force, thus reducing pressure on the leg and preventing from circulatory disturbances. The cuff of a sock practically leaves no impressions on the skin, socks are non-skid and do not squeeze the foot.

Thick sole with reinforced heel ensures durability of socks and protects them from wear and tear, which enables wearing the diabetic socks longer than usual. The sole of special knitting pattern also performs a micro massage function, which improves blood flow in the diabetic feet. Diabetic socks contain optimum spandex distributed through the entire length of the socks. Thanks to special composition the entire foot is perfectly covered preventing from the formation of wrinkles and thus avoiding undesirable calluses.

Anti-microbial effect. Nowadays many types of diabetic socks contain disinfectant silver threads. Silver is one of the strongest natural antiseptics, which effectively kills many microbes, viruses, funguses, and, above all, is completely harmless to humans. Silver and its anti-microbial properties increase the protection of the body, which is of particular importance in the context of weak immune system. Diabetic socks protect again foot perspiration, which means that the extremities do not freeze in winter time and thermal comfort is ensured during summer time.

Let us remind you that for the prevention of complications it is vital to examine your feet every day, avoid injuries, and wear comfortable shoes. In case of toe deformities, foot care products specially designed for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus must be used. If you suffer from Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (club foot), you should wear insoles made from special materials as well as special socks.