Individual corrective insoles for metatarsalgia
Recomendation: when you experience pain in the front of the foot.
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Metatarsalgia is an indefinite pain in the front part of the foot. This disease is more common in women than in men and is due to inadequate load distribution on the foot that can be affected by frequent foot injuries, sports (such as jogging, outdoor tennis) overweight, transverse flat feet, narrow shoes, high-heeled footwear and morton neuroma. It causes the tension feeling of the tendon, irritation, wrinkling and painful points leading to deformation of the bone structures.

 The insoles distribute the weight more evenly, restore biomechanical charge balance, shape the transverse foot arch to reduce pain and burning sensation in the front part of the foot, giving the legs lightness. The insoles are special because they have two cushioning plastic strips that, when they are folded under your foot, form the main support for the inner and outer parts of the foot, thus releasing the second, third and fourth fingers.

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