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Hands-free Crutch iWALK

Hands-free Crutch iWALK
  • njuries below-the-knee:
  • sprains
  • fractures
  • ruptures
  • during lower limb imobilisation period
  • below the knee amputation.

This award-winning new crutch design makes for a great alternative to traditional crutches and knee scooters for all below-the-knee injuries. The iWALK gives you hands-free/pain-free mobility and gives you back the ability to live a functional, independent lifestyle. So now pushing a shopping cart, taking the stairs, walking the dog, going to work are all possible again with the best hands-free crutch solution, iWALK

 A lower leg injury or surgery can be so frustrating, especially when you must now lead a non-weight-bearing life. How can you walk on a sprained ankle without causing more damage? Enter iWalk. The iWalk knee walker can be used after surgery to instantly bring back your mobility.

The incredible design of the iWalk lets you get back to work more quickly and continue to lead an active life. You can walk, work, dance, do yoga – pretty much anything you could do before your injury or surgery recovery.



Height: Fully extended 96.5cm , fully compressed 65.5cm

Width: 17.5cm

Length: 40.5cm


Crutch only - 2.1 kg

Maximum Weight Capacity - 125kg

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