Orthopedic high top sandals (for girls)
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Manufacturer: Memo
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The footwear made of natural and soft goat skin allows the foot to breathe so it does not sweat.
The firm sole provides good quality resistance to the front of the foot.
Easy adjustable clasp.
Wide front part of the shoe does not restrict toe and foot movement.
Reinforced heel and side part of the shoe ensures proper foot development.
Option to insert standard or custom made insole.
The diagnostic function of the sole allows self control of the foot deformities.


place the child feet on a piece of paper so that the child distributes the weight evenly on both feet.
carefully circle the foot with pencil.
measure the foot contour length.
choose the right size, keep in mind that the maximum recommended size should no more than 1 cm of the foot contour.

Shoe size 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
Foot lenght (cm) 14.7 15.3 16.0 16.7 17.3 18.0 18.7 19.3 20 20.7
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