Supinators Orthoteh kids
SKU: 50401
Manufacturer: Orthoteh (Bulgaria)
Recomendation: •valgus deformity (when the foot is turned inwards) • varus deformity (when the foot is turned outwards) • flat feet, foot pain.
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The supinators provide support and help adjust the longitudinal arches of the childens feet.They hold the heels in an anatomically correct position and improve the overall stability of the foot. This is particularly important during the childrens energetic activities and playtime.The perforateed colorful top layer provides cushioning and enables ventilation, reducing moisture.The rubberized bottom layer prevents the insoles from slipping and gives the child extra stability during activities.

Determining size
The size chart serve as general guidance.The insoles should best be measured according to the size of the feet and the volume of the shoes. To agjust to the smaller size, please carefull cut along the bottom of the insoles. The front edge should extend about 5-10 mm beyond the metatarsal bones of the foot ( due to the 3/4 insoles size). If needed, a specialist can further adjust the size and form of the insoles.

The insoles can be washed under cool runnung water using a light cleaning agent.Leave out to dry at room temperature. Do not place in direct sunlight or next to a heat source( radiator, hairdryer, oven, etc.)



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