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Ankle bandage Orthoteh

Ankle bandage  Orthoteh
  •  Mild to moderate sprains in the region
  •  Chronic instability
  •  Early-stage arthrosis

Orthoteh (Bulgaria)

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  •  Supports and stabilises the ankle
  •  Comfortable anatomic design
  •  Elastic and nonelastic stabilising elements
  •  Light and breathable elastic fabric
  •  Suitable for sport and everyday activities

The Orthoteh Ankle brace Standard is made of a light and breathable elastic fabric. It provides comfortable stabilisation of the ankle area. It wraps tightly around the whole surface. Its construction combines elastic and nonelastic elements. This produces a high level of stabilisation. In addition, a Y-shaped nonelastic element is placed onto the traumatised side, reducing the risk of further trauma. The Ankle brace Standard also features a girding elastic band which further stabilises the whole construction. Suitable for sports and everyday activities.

Size S M L XL
Ankle volume per heel (cm) 29-32 32-35 35-38 38-41

Orthoses -  irreplaceable orthopedic aid in case of various injuries or inflammations.  Orthoses are especially useful after injuries, and some of them are a real lifesaver during intense sports. The orthotic brace is comfortable, pleasant and soft, but provides the necessary support and stability.

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